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Precio: 1 BTC = $41,339.58 AUD
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☎ 0458 0428 77 (text/call/whatever)

Hey, you found AusBitcoins! Bookmark or favourite this ad or save my number to get here quickly next time. First-timers please take the time to go through the stuff below ツ


First of all, if you've been around for a while, I'm sure many of you would have had a dreaded call or letter from the bank informing you that your bank account would be closed. This can happen with pop-up traders always offering slightly better rates, but they end up paying from dodgy accounts or they do so much volume they go through all their bank accounts and then move onto third party accounts. Not the case with me. I will always pay from my own or my partner's bank account. I don't try to force massive volume therefore I don't churn through bank accounts like so many wannabe traders do which in turn benefits the traders who sell to me, i.e, yourself.

Thank you.

ALSO! Some have come to me saying PayID has not been totally reliable in their experience with other traders (showing as pending, or not at all, etc.) Don't be discouraged… you WILL get your payment instantly with me as I know what works and what doesn't, GUARANTEED! Well, 99%.. on very rare occassions something out of my control happens and in those cases I apologise sincerely.


The best way to sell your Bitcoin, especially for frequent or larger amounts. Cash deposits may give the illusion of convenience but they're subject to reporting by banks as they can be seen as dodgy. I still offer cash but for my best rate and a truly hassle-free trade choose online transfers with AusBitcoins :D


Just provide me with, preferrably, your PayID, otherwise your Acc Name, BSB and Acc Number.

You'll have instant, spendable funds into nearly ALL Australian Banks. There are too many to list :)


Of course I'm happy to pay to banks that do NOT support PayID or Osko (would be nice if they all did!), but I do require the Bitcoin to be released upon me providing a screenshot of the transfer receipt. I know this requires you to trust me, especially considering it’s common for scammers to request the same… but I'm sure my flawless reputation and feedback will give you absolute peace of mind :) Transfers typically take up to 24h (longer on weekends/holidays), but often a lot quicker (6-12h).

▒░ DELAYS ░▒

If at any point I’m being slow or unresponsive, sorry! Feel free to let me know. Spam texts if you have to—I’m not a robot so I do get overwhelmed if its busy and I do dumb things like fall asleep when I’m super tired haha.

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