cminer001에서 미국 에서 Zelle Pay 을 사용하여 BTC 구매

Zelle Pay in 미국사용하여 $40,017.94 BTC 구매

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가격: 1 BTC = $40,017.94 USD
무역 세부 사항
지불 방법
Zelle Pay
Chicago, 미국
거래 유형
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거래 시간
Mon - Sun: Trading all day
거래 만료
60 mins
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cminer001Seen 20 minutes ago
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Your friendly & dependable BTC dealer

Hello there! Hope your day is going well. Thanks for viewing my offer!

To get started, open a trade and message me hello. I'll ask you for your Zelle email and send you a request for the trade amount. Once I fill the escrow, and the payment is confirmed in my bank account, the coins will be released.


Traders with less than 5 successful trades have a $100 maximum


NOTE: Please be ready to pay before you start the trade. Trades lasting longer than an hour without payment will be canceled.


I'm looking to continue gaining a solid reputation on this platform. After you a receive your coins, a kind review/trusting my profile would help me out a ton!


Have a good one,


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