BuyCoinFast에서 호주 에서 Cash By Mail 을 사용하여 ETH 구매

Cash By Mail in 호주사용하여 $2,861.70 ETH 구매

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가격: 1 ETH = $2,861.70 AUD
무역 세부 사항
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Cash By Mail
Sydney, 호주
거래 유형
비 양육권 거래
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크기 제한 없음
거래 시간
Mon - Sun: 12:00 am - 2:00 pm , 11:00 pm - 12:00 am (next day)
거래 만료
240 mins
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BuyCoinFastSeen 1 day ago
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DO NOT open the trade if you cannot send mail within 2 hours window after trade is created

Send it with Tracking number(No signature required!!!) must be provided within 2 hours after trade is created. If You fail to do so than trade will be canceled and address will be no longer active

1. Provide senders details.

  • Full Name
  • Address as it will appear on the return info of the package.
  • Mobile number (must be registered with Telegram messenger)

3. I will provide you with the address. You'll be shipping cash in a padded envelope or jiffy bag. You must send it with NO signature required!!!! If you do send it with signature required, it will cause massive delay and you will have to pay 50 AUD penalty for extra time needed to collect your package.

4. When the package arrives We reserve 3 working days to collect it from the Post Box. I will inform you as soon as we collected it then we can reset the trade for the latest XMR price if needed, depending on market fluctuation term number 10 of this agreement

5. Banknotes only (you may round down). NO COINS

6. Put the banknotes between an A4 size paper and fold it neatly closed.

7. Put the postcard with the banknotes in an envelope and close it well.

8. Send the envelope by mail to the provided address.

9. Send the tracking code via chat

10. Rate fluctuation terms:

  • If rate goes higher by the day mail arrives, You must cancel the current trade and create a new trade with the same fiat amount.
  • If rate goes lower the rate stays the same, You must not create a new trade.

PS: i have a right to request id and address verification if necessary for my protection against fraudulent activity

Refund policy: No refund or trade cancellation under any circumstances

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