BuyCoinFast에서 미국 에서 Bank Transfer 을 사용하여 ETH 구매

Bank Transfer in 미국사용하여 $2,856.99 ETH 구매

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가격: 1 ETH = $2,856.99 USD
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Bank Transfer
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You must have fully verified account with Payment will be accepted using this service with ACH direct debit from your bank account. It may take 2-3 bank days to receive your transfer

1. Provide your bank details you will be transferring funds from.

  • Full Name
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • Account type(Checking or Savings)
  • Your home address, City, State and ZIP code
  • Your mobile number(must be registered with Telegram messenger)

2. It is mandatory for you to have a Telegram messenger installed on your smartphone

  • Go to your google or apple apps store and search for 'Plus telegram messenger"
  • register with your mobile number and reply me via chat
  • contact me via telegram and provide your username and Full Name

3. In order to protect ourself from the fraudulent activity the video of the payment confirmation from your mobile app along with your selfie video will be requested.

4. Coins will be released only after your payment is confirmed, it will take 1 to 3 business days for the payment to clear.

5. We may ask you to pay using different banks or payment providers on our choice. Banks or Payment providers may charge you extra fees for their serviсes. You have to add this fees on the top of the amount of the trade you've opened with us(example: You opened trade for 1000 and payment provider charges 5, than u have to send 1005)

PS: i have a right to request id and address verification if necessary for my protection against fraudulent activity

Refund policy: No refund or trade cancelation under any circumstances.

Rate fluctuation terms:

  • If rate goes higher by the day your payment arrives, You must cancel the current trade and create a new trade with the same fiat amount.
  • If rate goes lower the rate stays the same, You must not create a new trade.
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