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영국 에서 talharamaCash in person 을 사용하여 PAX 매도

Cash in person in 영국사용하여 £0.68 PAX 매도

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가격: 1 PAX = £0.68 GBP
무역 세부 사항
지불 방법
Cash in person
United Kingdom, 영국
거래 유형
비 양육권 거래
거래 규모
크기 제한 없음
거래 시간
Mon - Sun: Trading all day
거래 만료
120 mins
Buyer info
talharamaSeen 47 minutes ago
813 성공적인 거래
빠른 상인
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Cash in person


Thank for looking at my advert.

I am pro trader from LBC and Paxful with 3000+ confirmed trades and 100% feedback.

I will send the parcel for next working day guaranteed delivery by 1 PM (i will pay the postage), for before 9 AM delivery i will require additional £20 for the postage. It will be insured up to £2,500.00 if amount is more than £2,500.00 then multiple parcels will be sent out.

If you prefer not to receive multiple parcels then i can send payment in one parcel but it will only be insured for losses up to £2,500.00 and you will assume the additional risk.

Will send new polymer Bank of England notes only, no Scottish or Irish notes will be sent out unless requested.

If you are opening trade after 4 pm then please check with me if i am able to post the parcel before the post office cut-off time of 5 pm.

Trades opened on Friday will always be sent for Saturday delivery.

Trades opened on Saturday before 11 am will be sent for Monday delivery, post office cut-off time on Saturday is 12 pm

Trades opened on Sunday will be sent on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

You are welcome to open the trade after the cutoff time, in this case it will be posted on next working day.


For the protection of both myself and my trading partners, the packaging process of all shipment is video recorded and each note counted using Top of the range 100% accurate Safescan 2985-SX money counter certified by Bank of England.

In case of a dispute, this video recording will be made available. Each video recording will only be retained until a trade is finalised, at which time it will be deleted permanently. You will receive a discrete small box in a sealed royal mail tamper proof envelope.

Shipping cash by mail carries an inherent risk of loss or theft. Every effort is made to mitigate this risk for my trading partners, with a 100% success rate to date i offer a guarantee that your shipment will be delivered.

If tracking shows that your package was not delivered, and Royal Mail is unable to locate it after 7 days, I will assume the shipment to be permanently lost and will pay the full dollar amount promised through another means of your choice.

This guarantee is not offered by most cash-by-mail traders, who will typically ask you to assume all risk of loss or theft.

I recommend you to record the package opening and cash counting, this will help with any disputes.

I will provide the tracking number once the parcel is posted.

Signature will be required so please make sure someone is available at the property.

WhatsApp/Viber/Signal/Telegram/Call/SMS +447539609235

Telegram: talharama

Wicker: @tframa

Kind regards

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