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Price: 1 BTC = $60,852.30 CAD
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Montreal, Canada
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Standard trade
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No size restrictions
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Mon - Sun: Trading all day
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100 mins
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bricklecoinsSeen 50 seconds ago
605 successful trades
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Hello, am BrickleCoins. Honesty is my no.1 value. Am here to make sure you get the best experience for buying cryptos. Open a trade after you accept my SIMPLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Thank you.1) Send as FAMILY AND FRIENDS2) Ensure NO SHIPPING ADDRESS is listed 3) HOLD and E-CHECK are refunded. 4) Only mark payment as complete after you have made the payment and confirmed with me.If my paypal is limited with no refund option, you have to place a dispute on your paypal so I may be able to refund it, otherwise you lose money**.** @BrickleCoins is my telegram username if i dont respod to your trade quickly, kindly notify me through my telegram. THANK YOU AND YOU'RE WELCOME AGAIN

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LocalCoinSwap Trading Tips

Always check the price and read the terms and conditions carefully. The rounding and price fluctuation might change the final amount. The fiat amount you enter matters and crypto amount is calculated at the time of request. If trading in person propose a meeting place which is safe to transact at.

How to contact the trader?

Once you enter into a trade you will be able to chat freely with this trader through a private message box.

How to cancel a trade?

Once you enter into a trade you cannot automatically cancel the trade, as this may cause the other party to lose money. If a mistake has been made simply lodge a support ticket or start a dispute.