Buy BTC using PayPal in United States

Buy Bitcoin for 11071.38 USD per BTC using PayPal in Chicago, United States

Price: 1 BTC = 11,071.38 USD
Payment Method
Trade Limits
25 - 300 USD
Chicago, United States
Trade sizes
No size restriction
Feb. 25, 2020, 3:24 a.m.
Total Trades
Preferred trading hours
Mon - Sun: 12:00 am - 3:00 am , 5:00 am - 12:00 am (next day)<br />
Trade expires in
240 mins
Email verified
Phone verified
Price: 1 BTC = 11,071.38 USD
Terms and conditions set by this trader

__All PayPal Buyers__ that take the time to open any of these other Paying Apps & Pay Fiat with I will either lower my fees to 10% or give extra coins: CashApp / Revolut App / Google Pay / Skrills or GreenDot (PayPal Fiat payment Instruction) To advoid any CHARGE BACKS or Any UNAUTHORIZED Charges the following must be done for PayPal payments.The buyer must pick the Service Icon (PayPal will charge a fee to me for sending the payment this way but we will both get PayPal protection..GOOD THING), where you can put in payment remarks No Charge Back must be put in.Step2:You email the authorization email to . Use this template for the email:06/20/2020 (Current Date of trade) Dear PayPal,I, Johannes Nowack (Name), I am making a service payment to: I authorize this payment with my PayPal account.Best Regards,Johannes Nowack Very easy to work with! Im very professional and do good business (No KYC with me but no Fraud, you want coins because you are a 1st time trader, long time trader, or just need coins and want to do GOOD Business I would like to work with you). Message me after you intiate the trade. I can do PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, Google Pay, Skrills, GreenDot, Bank Transfer, Cash in Hand, Cash in the Mail, Money Order, Bank Check. All Money Orders or Bank Checks will be verified to be real. I can also mix the coins even more if needed. (Must be Requested) I do this by using other coins I have collected on trades from other users and mix them together. I can pull small amounts of coins from 10 wallets I have, to make up the full amount requesting in the trade. No KYC with me but I might ask you a few questions if a RED FLAG is indicted on my end please just answer them and just be cool & professional. If I feel like something isn't right I will NOT trade. Because of some bad people that haven't done good business a level of security must be held. I do trades with as much protection, that both you as a buyer and me as a seller can get.( No Rush Trades / No Fraud Trades ) Cash Mail Trades are the best if you want to be the most anonymous.

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