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TRC-20 Chain 자산에 대한 비수탁 거래 및 지갑이 이제 LocalCoinSwap에서 활성화됩니다.

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Tron coin TRX
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Feeless Escrows in USDT-TRC20

As a seller, you no longer need to hold TRX in your wallet for USDT-TRC20 transactions.

On the TRON network, transactions consume Energy and Bandwidth, which are typically funded by burning TRX from your account. However, when you initiate an escrow with us, we provide you with sufficient Energy to cover the escrow, ensuring that no TRX is burned from your wallet.

Without this design, the standard amount of TRX burnt for fees to fund a USDT-TRC20 escrow is approximately $4. To sustain this model, we charge the vendor of the trade 2 USDT-TRC20. You can find more information about our fees here.