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Ali Barakat

today i complete my first year selling…

today i complete my first year selling on LCS, almost 2 million in volume and it has been exceeding expectations, the most important thing when trading p2p is being able to control who you trade with and in case of any issues or scam attempt, get fast and informed support, I have used all p2p platforms, and its not even comparable, i was surprised sometimes with support intervening to fix issues in trading chat without yet reporting the issue which is unprecedented, bare in mind that many of these bad reviews might be scammers who are angry it didn't go their way as LCS makes it clear there is no place for scammers, there is not even time to waste and there is no second chances, or people who wasn't careful and paid trade without escrow ignoring all the LCS big red bold warnings, today i celebrate a great year and it has been a pleasure and privilege to have used this platform, juan, adam, and all the support team, thank you, i am grateful, i hope you continue to be as great as you are. aliibrahim


April 04, 2024

Lily lee

The best trading site

The best trading site. Responsive customer support. This site is always updating to better user experiences. Ever since I join the site one year ago, they have made so much improvement for user engagement. Love it!!!! Highly recommended.


November 28, 2023


As an ex LocalBitCoin and Paxful trader…

As an ex LocalBitCoin and Paxful trader I can confirm LocalCoinSwap is better in terms of support (when things go wrong) and the experience and interface is better also. It allows me as a trader to refuse suspicious trades and not autoaccept as with the other 2 P2Ps. Lots of great options and features too. Very surprised with this platform and I feel it is under advertised.


November 27, 2023


As an ex LocalBitCoin and Paxful trader…

I can recommend this exchange to anyone! I had an ugly experience with a scammer who provided fake proof of payment that looks so genuine and very hard to detect. Thanks to the warning message on the platform that cautions not to trade outside escrow. Latest scammers now have a way to clone Bank Apps to perpetrate their nefarious activities to the unsuspecting victims. I did get justice from LCS because they live by example and that they are doing so much to put the platform safer for all users. Kudos to LCS team for doing wonderful job always!


July 23, 2023


Sammy K.

This is the best p2p trading platform i…

This is the best p2p trading platform i have been a part of. They go out of their way to protect traders not only with their tech, but with great customer service. Just remember to never trade outside of escrow (don't even communicate outside of the platform). And never ever send funds until confirmed by escrow. Scammers are everywhere and very pushy and will try to pressure you into bending the rules of trade. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Study and follow procedure and you will have great success trading here. No better place to buy/sell imo.


June 06, 2023

Tyler James

This is the pocket aces of p2p…

This is the pocket aces of p2p exchange. Great experience using their new platform and the whole process was seamless from start to finish. Easy to use and the customer service helped me along the way. Plus, made a bit of extra money which was great. Will keep trading through these guys and keep recommending to my friends.


June 02, 2020



The support team is oh-so excellent at…

The support team is oh-so excellent at helping you to resolve the issues at hand. I would recommend this platform to everyone..all day and every day!!!!


June 07, 2023



Best P2P platform so far for me.

So far, it is the best P2P platform I have dealt with due to their quick support and ease of use. I have migrated from Paxful and so far I am very happy.


April 06, 2023


Cody Frye

The Best Customer Service in Crypto. Period.

There are plenty of great things I could say about LocalCoinSwap or LCS, like how easy their site is to navigate, or the intuitive manner in which they execute so many crypto services under one roof (wallet service, token conversion, market data, P2P Marketplace). However, where this site truly shines (and where most crypto sites choose to pay the least attention to) is in the customer service department. To make a long story short, I had attempted to exchange a gift card with a BTC vendor who had a good number of trades with a majority of positive reviews. The exchange ended with me being left with $0 on my gift card, the vendor denying responsibility, a dispute raised and subsequently resolved in favor of the vendor. Leaving me completely empty handed. I was ready to just throw in the towel because in most cases like this, if you contact customer support they will "look over your case" but ultimately decide in favor of the person with older account/account with more trades. I decided to still give it a shot, as I had thought I had made a solid case, and that the dispute was resolved too quickly. Well, to my surprise, 20 minutes after I submitted my support request, I had someone respond to me saying they would look over my case and if I could provide pictures of the gift card with written tag under it to prove ownership. I provided what was asked of me and in a matter of only a day (literally), I had received an email explaining that they had done a deeper dive into the transaction, and agreed the dispute was closed prematurely, and that they would be providing me with the amount of bitcoin I had initially set out to receive. They even asked me if I wanted to use a wallet of my choice to avoid the withdrawal fee (I was receiving $60 dollars in BTC, and network fees/withdrawal fees would make a dent in that) which was an extremely considerate offer, I had not even thought of. Not to mention all of this took place the night of New Years Eve. TL;DR: Where most crypto services avoid responsibility or reimbursing their customers at all costs. LCS provides a breath of fresh air in regards to how customers are treated when their chips are down. Paxful should take notes!


January 02, 2022