LocalCoinSwap Fee Structure

Everything you need to know about the fees on LocalCoinSwap

Registering account


Depositing cryptocurrency


Buying or selling cryptocurrency to traders on the site


Posting an offer

Users who create trade offers are charged a 1% fee for every completed trade.

Withdrawing BTC and Dash

LocalCoinSwap takes no profits from withdrawals, the fee is simply the lowest cost required to deposited funds from cold-wallet, to hot-wallet, to your wallet, and guarantee your withdrawal will arrive without excessive delay. We adjust the withdrawal transaction fees according to the blockchain, see below for the current levels.

Min. Withdrawal
Transaction Fee
Bitcoin (BTC)
0.00025 BTC
0.00006 BTC
Dash (DASH)
0.001 DASH
0.0005 DASH

Withdrawing ETH and Ethereum-based tokens

All LocalCoinSwap wallets holding Ethereum and ETH-based tokens are non-custodial. Therefore there are no withdrawal limits and the user must pay any associated transaction fees. These transaction fees are called Gas and paid to the miners. The amount of ETH required depends on the gas price which is determined by the network congestion at the time of sending. You can view the current transaction costs on ETH Gas Station here: https://ethgasstation.info/. This ETH must be in the same address that you are trying to withdraw from in the case of sending tokens.

Trading ETH and Ethereum-based tokens

Given the non-custodial nature of Ethereum and ETH-based token trading on LocalCoinSwap, there are some small Gas costs associated with the escrow process for trades. These are small transaction fees paid to the miners in ETH and are an unavoidable part of transacting on the Ethereum blockchain. These fees vary due to the network congestion but are generally relatively small. This ETH must be in the same address that you are trading from in the case of selling tokens.