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The LocalCoinSwap referral program makes it simple to earn free bitcoin without even having to complete a trade yourself.

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If you have a friend who wants to buy cryptocurrency, invite them with your referral code!

Earn Bitcoin commission

Get a referral commission of up to 20% of the trade fees when your referees complete trades.

Automatic Payouts

It's easy to get this month's payouts of the commission you earned!

Passive Income

One of the best parts about earning rewards is that you don't have to trade.

No Hard Caps

Earn more and maximize your rewards by referring more users.

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how you could be on your way to earning bitcoin online fast.

What is the LocalCoinSwap referral policy?

You will be rewarded for all trades you referees successfully complete. The only condition is that it cannot use illegal methods, copyrighted material, or spam to attract them! If you're looking for more information about the referral program, just log in and click on your dashboard. You'll find all sorts of helpful resources there!

Will I get paid in Bitcoins?

Yes, all referral commissions are calculated and paid in Bitcoin. If your referee trade other cryptos such as Dash, USDT LCS, or ETH, your commission will be calculated and paid in Bitcoin to help you make the most of your referral payments while enabling you to earn from every trade your referrals make.

How does the LocalCoinSwap referral program work?

You can make money by referring new users that go on to trade. For every successful trade that results from one of your referrals, you will receive 10% off their trading fees and 20% if both the buyer and seller were referrals of yours!

All commissions are calculated and paid in Bitcoin. You can elect to have your Bitcoin balance sent to your wallet once a month or build it up over several months to reduce the blockchain transaction fees and maximize your profit.

Bitcoin payouts are sent to your non-custodial wallet to ensure you are able to send them to external wallets with the least transaction costs possible!

For extra income, you can even consider selling your referral commissions on LocalCoinSwap. It's a great way to make some extra money and help others in need of cryptocurrency at the same time!

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