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Making P2P Trading More Profitable

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Making P2P Trading More Profitable

Profitability is at the core of any good business and P2P trading is a fantastic business. Find out how to make the most of your trading as a P2P vendor.


Profitability is at the core of any good business, and for many, P2P trading is a fantastic business. With the inherent flexibility of trading P2P, there's a range of areas you can investigate when you are looking to enhance your profits. Not every established vendor uses the same techniques; often, it is simply best to find what works best for you while being aware of other possibilities and exploring as you grow your business.

Payment Type Premiums

As mentioned previously, some payment types come with higher average margins. This increased margin is a crucial factor in making your P2P trading the most profitable. Some payment methods with higher margins can come with secondary risks like chargeback. Still, sometimes higher margins can simply be due to these payment types being less commonly accepted in a particular region or due to delays when using them (Swift international wire transfers, for example).

Looking for gaps in what is available around you or in another region you would like to offer your services is an excellent way to increase your profits as a vendor. Increasing your variety is also a great way to improve your volume as a growing vendor.

Regional Arbitrage

While serving your local community as a vendor can be rewarding, so can vending cryptocurrency to other parts of your country and across the world. A growing number of places around the world are suffering from hyperinflation and underbanked populations. Crypto has the power to reduce financial exclusion by giving people alternative modern tools that can put control back in their hands. These areas are often the ones that can benefit the most directly from increased access to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Dash and Dai, which are popular across Latin American, especially in places like Venezuela.

If you live in a region like the United States, United Kingdom, or even somewhere like Australia that has an abundance of choices to access cryptocurrency, you can often make P2P trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more profitable by extending your reach further into other parts of the world. It's great for the crypto community, and it can be great for your profitability as well.

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Making Mining More Profitable Trading P2P

While mining bitcoin has transitioned more to predominantly large-scale farming operations, there's still plenty to do for hobbyists or those looking to dabble with a smaller operation. Whether you purchase an ASIC miner to do some bitcoin mining, have a bunch running, or have a GPU rig at home mining altcoins, there's one great way to make extra money from your mining endeavors.

Depending on where you live and your energy provider, electricity prices can vary dramatically, as can hardware costs. These variables can result in some pretty tight margins depending on your circumstances. However, by putting some time into selling your mined cryptocurrency P2P. You can increase your mining profits or create a secondary revenue stream that you could build even if your sales exceed your mining output. If you are a relatively large miner, the increased margins afforded to you depending on what payment methods you are willing to deal with could net you significant revenue increases. When you have tight margins, it can be a real lifesaver for your crypto mining business.

Help Others & Yourself By Filling a Void

The biggest thing you can do to make your trades as profitable as possible is also the most straightforward. Find gaps that other vendors aren't providing and see if they are possible for you to provide. Where there is a void, there is an opportunity for you to help yourself while helping those who may be looking for the type of trade you are offering. You never know just how many people may be looking for a specific trade type that no one is currently offering. What you do know is all those traders could potentially be exposed to you if you started filling the gaps other traders are missing. Spend a little time exploring what's on offer by other traders, and while you are doing that, focus on what it is that you don't see or can't find at a reasonable rate.

Refer Your Own Clients for Additional Revenue

Are you a P2P trader across multiple platforms, have traded in the past, or are you marketing yourself to potential clients on social media and elsewhere? If so, one way you can increase your trading profits is to take advantage of the excellent referral program offered by LocalCoinSwap. When Referring new users who could turn into vendors themselves down the line, you build up a passive income stream alongside your trading activities.

There's nothing wrong with making the most of your trading and being rewarded for helping connect more traders with P2P trading. When sharing links to your trades on your website or even when sending them to friends who ask about your crypto trading, it's quick and easy to include your referral code so that if they do sign up and trade with you, they'll be a referral of yours leading to potential bonus revenue in the future.

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